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Watermelon is a very nutritious, aromatic and delicious fruit.


JMB Group is also running in race of Watermelon Export from Pakistan. Pakistani Watermelon is one of the most delicious products in the world. Watermelon Know as the ‘Summer Fruits ‘in the world. The arrival of summer in Pakistan also signals the arrival of Watermelon.

About our Watermelon

Watermelon is the perfect summer fruit for health. Watermelon is cultivated throughout. Pakistan mostly for domestic consumption where the soil and climatic conditions are favorable for its cultivation. Local supply of watermelons starts in April and continues till September from different areas of Pakistan. It’s high in demand during summer season leading to
appreciable profit margins for farmers and traders

Watermelon in Pakistan

In Pakistan it is grown in the interior areas of Province Punjab and Sindh. In terms of production, Punjab ranks first, Balochistan second, Sindh third and fourth KPK having share of 55.87%, 21.29%, 10.29% and 11.84% respectively.

Pakistani watermelon production calendar synchronizes well with the peak demand season in Europe which has experienced very strong growth in imports, indicating increasing demand from the watermelon producing countries, which, include China, Turkey, USA, Brazil and Albania etc. In the European market, Spain is also a major exporter. Pakistan’s easy access to GCC provides a competitive advantage for export of watermelons to GCC countries.

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