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Fresh Fruit is the gift of God. Pakistani soil is very lucky to have a very conducive climatic condition to grow fruits of different tastes, colors, and nature. JMB Group is one of the most fortunate companies in Pakistan, which excels in growing production, processing, and exporting fresh fruits and vegetables to various parts of the world 

JMB Group is the leading exporter of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables to the Central Asian States, Russian Federation, Europe, the Far East, the Middle East, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan. The specialty of JMB Group is its trade of the best quality fresh fruits and vegetables available in Pakistan e.g., in Kinnow, Mangoes, Apple, Grapes, Pomegranates, Watermelon, Sweet melon, Onion, and Potatoes.

Honesty, Hardworking and sincerity are the landmarks of JMB Exporters

JMB Group was initially established in 1970 with the name of Lalazar, which is one of the oldest fruit based trade enterprise company being founded in early 70s by its founder chairman Mr. Rao Abdul jabber (Late). And it mainly focused on plantation, growing, packing and transportation of fresh Kinnow to the various parts of Pakistan.



Later on JMB Exporters was incorporated in 1996 history and new cold storage with the capacity of 5000 Metric Tons goods, Processing Unit, Packing Facility, equipped with Latest high Technology were constructed and installed at its branch office at Hujjan, Bhalwal Distt. And Karachi.

Sargodha and its head office at Karachi by investing huge amount in millions to export fresh and standard quality fruits. This enables JMB Group to multiply its products and exports of fresh fruits in an easy way and in excellent conditions. Exports of Fresh Fruits of JMB Group are increasing in leaps and bounds and in the year 2004, the export of the only Kinnow by JMB was 19000 Metric Tons.



In early 2010, JMB Group has also launched their own potato prociessing facility with the capacity up to 8000 meter tons at Depalpur, Okara Dist and opens a sister company in Dubai with the name of Sarghodha Organinc Agri Veg and Fruits Trading LLC

Now, jmb group has also expanded its network and dealing with international export and import of fresh fruits and vegetables in Pakistan and dubai-UAE.

Result of 47 years of experience


Staff strength of more than 1000 employees across 9 different companies working at 11 different locations.


50 exclusive trading partners around the world.


Fresh products are sourced from within the Middle East, Europe, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, Uganda, Srilanka, India, and China



Our goods are exported to Cental Asia states, Russian fedration, Belarus, Ukraine, Europe, Middle east, Srilanka, Afghanistan andbangaladesh  Malysia, Indonesia and Philippines


We have our branches in Pakistan and Dhabi



More than 47 years of dedicated experience and history

JMB production team guarantees 100% fresh

Each product under goes thorough quality checks and traceability, making sure our clients receive fresh products


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