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JMB Exporters is a global import-export company of fresh fruit. It also has offices in Karachi and Dubai. 

Our International trade

JMB Group is one of the leading Exporter / Importer in Pakistan and Dubai-United Arab Emirates.  JMB Exporters (Pakistan) is a global import-export company of fresh fruit and vegetables. It also has office in Dubai-United Arab Emirates with the name of Sargodha organic Agri product and vegetables trading LLC. We have a strong network of Fresh Fruit Farms, Processing Units, Storage, transportation and Export from Pakistan and Dubai- United Arab Emirates.

            In Pakistan we are mainly dealing in the export of best quality fresh fruits and vegetable available in Pakistan. JMB Group is an international trading group last 4 decades that is dedicated to meet the high demands of fresh fruits and vegetables in importation and exportation lines.

            JMB Group export from Pakistan Mandarin (Kinnow), Mango, Apples, Potatoes, Onions, watermelon, Pomegranates and etc to Russia, Central Asia states, Far East, Middle East, Sri lanka, Bangladesh, Africa, Europe’s countries, United kingdom and many more.

JMB Group also import some of the world’s finest fruits and vegetables from all over the world like European countries, Ukraine, India, china, Africa, Egypt, turkey and sri lanka.   

What we believe

We believe in using farms that abide by Good Agriculture Practices and Sustainable Agriculture flow, which ensures that the food for the end consumer is healthful and safe. so JMB Group has Wholesale and Retail business in Dubai and carefully selects varieties and uses the latest technology to maintain a proper and sterile environment in refrigerated warehouses. In wholesale we have own Stores including facilities of washing, grading and repacking in different packaging as per the requirement of Dubai market. We successfully export our products and brand of service from Dubai U.A.E to countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Middle East, Africa and the Sub-Continent.

We take care of all

Large suppliers and distributors are unable to reach everyone. The main hub for the general population of business people from neighboring nations is the Street. Because not everyone will order significant quantities, not everyone can afford to create a relationship with the big wholesalers. Those who visit the Street will purchase a diverse assortment of goods in little quantities.

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