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Pomegranate is a very nutritious, aromatic and delicious fruit.


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Al though Pakistan is not in the list of largest producer of Pomegranate but Pakistan has some contribution in producing and exporting this delicious fruit. In Pakistan Balochistan province is the main producer of this fruit. It is producing at small scale in other provinces like KPK and Punjab.



Now Pakistan is working to enhance the pomegranate production. Two pomegranate new indigenous varieties developed by a horticulture scientist of Bahawalpur have been recommended by a high level expert sub-committee for final approval, to be granted by Punjab Seed Council (PSC).The varieties have been developed by an acclaimed horticulture scientist from Horticulture Research Station (HRS), Bahawalpur. The scientist told APP here Tuesday. The varieties have completed all the processes for final approval. These varieties can be highly profitable for farmers once these are finally approved

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