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Our Melons are very nutritious, aromatic and delicious fruit.

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JMB Group is one of the leading Sweet melons Exporter in Pakistan. Pakistani Sweet melon is one of the most delicious and so sweet in taste. This melon fruit is also good for human health.Sweet melons is also Known as the ‘Summer Fruits’.

About our melons

Sweet Melon is the perfect summer fruit for health. Sweet melon is cultivated throughout the Pakistan primarily for domestic consumption where soil and climate are favorable for its cultivation. The sweet melon season starts around the beginning of march  and goes till after July in different areas of Pakistan

Musk Melon is generally grown in warm weather and high humidity, available only in tropical areas of Thatta, Badin, and Mirpukhas districts while it is also grown in Multan, Sahiwal, and Bahawalpur. Hot and dry air and sunshine during ripening period are necessary for sweet melon for development of sugar and right taste

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